Persbericht: Beachhead Solutions Enhances SimplySecure PC to Provide EMEA MSPs With Even More Comprehensive Tools for Securing Their Clients’ Devices and Data

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SimplySecure PC Premium adds USB Storage protection at no additional cost, along with an enhanced UI as requested by EMEA-based MSP Partners

LONDON – November 6, 2018 – Beachhead Solutions, provider of cloud-managed PC & mobile device encryption, security, and data access control for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), today announced the introduction of SimplySecure PC Core for EMEA MSPs and that SimplySecure PC Premium licenses now include SimplySecure USB at no additional cost. This strengthened offering instantly gives MSPs a 22% cost savings while providing a significant new device and data security value-add to their clients.

Beachhead’s built-for-MSP platform is now streamlined into two PC encryption and device management offerings: SimplySecure PC Core and SimplySecure PC Premium. Both deliver the tools required for MSPs to meet the ever-more stringent regulatory and industry-specific compliance needs their clients have from GDPR in the EU and even Cyber Essentials in the United Kingdom The platforms allow MSPs to both enforce encryption and have remote access control (including data wipe) directly from the SimplySecure administration console, ensuring their client’s data remains under strict control even when devices are compromised. SimplySecure PC Premium – which now includes USB encryption – also provides critical automatic responses to both invalid logon attempts and time-based excesses, giving MSPs an even stronger solution for client data protection for marginally more than the core platform. Additionally, SimplySecure Premium provides for lockout and password settings for computers not on a domain. Since it is now included as a free add-on, SimplySecure USB Storage is no longer available as a stand-alone license.

Both platforms now include an updated and simplified UI that delivers improved navigation, on-screen help, easier sub0account provisioning and licensing, variable width screen listings for large and/or multiple monitor setups, and more robust audit logs. The solutions also provide easy and seamless BitLocker management that eliminates the full disk encryption tool’s pervasive operational pain points for MSPs and their clients.

Overall, the SimplySecure platform still provides MSPs with the same robust control over encryption and access control security features from a single consolidated administration console. The panel greatly simplifies the ability to secure client data across any and all PCs and Macs, Windows Servers, iOS or Android phones or tablets, or USB storage devices that have access to the client organization’s sensitive information. SimplySecure also simplifies pricing by offering MSPs an exclusive monthly consumption-billed service – and by now bundling USB storage protection at no additional cost with the SimplySecure PC Premium license.

Significantly, to better support MSPs needing to provide compliance proof on behalf of its customers – such as is needed for GDPR in as case of a lost or stolen device holding personal data – the console has been further enhanced and streamlined to report devices status and risk or conditions, plus auditing included to provide the back-up to MSPs and their customers.

“With SimplySecure PC Premium, Beachhead Solutions has made one of the best MSP products out there even better – and the price makes it a no-brainer,” said Mark Ayotte, CEO, Ayacht Technology Solutions. “With careless usage of USB storage devices too often representing a trick blind spot for businesses, the no-cost inclusion of USB Storage Protection in SimplySecure PC Premium is an important advantage that will help MSPs keep client data that much safer. The solution’s MSP-friendly pricing is a boon as well, and demonstrates Beachhead’s clear knowledge and support of the way MSPs win and conduct business.”

“We’re proud to make SimplySecure PC Premium an even more incredible value to MSPs by including USB device coverage at no additional cost,” said Amit Parbhucharan, General Manager – EMEA, Beachhead Solutions. “For MSPs delivering device and data security to clients, peace of mind that their data and reputations are safe is the ultimate value-added service. We’re excited to see our EMEA MSPs take advantage of SimplySecure PC features, and for their clients to operate with total confidence in the safety of their data.”

MSPs and resellers interested in learning how to leverage SimplySecure PC Premium to distinguish their service offering should visit: Beachhead Solutions

Beachhead Solutions offers first-in class data security with SimplySecureTM, the only web-based security platform that can enforce encryption and security policy. SimplySecure provides a multi-faceted approach – including remote data wiping and controlling access to at-risk data – for protecting sensitive company data on Windows and Mac PCs, iOS and Android phones & tablets, and USB Storage devices. SimplySecure is user-transparent and easily administered via a single unified management console.